• What if a club team (members are not from the same school) wins one of the TOP 5 qualifying spots in a Super qualifier?

         Only the Top 5 school based teams will be counted for the MS State Championships. Club teams are   taken out of the results, then a team total is recalculated based on number of school teams. 


  •  Can a 5th grader compete in the Championship Division?

 Yes, they may as long as they have qualified thru a qualifying meet. They may qualify as part of a team or  as an individual. But they can only compete in 1 race. 

         I'm confused about why 5th graders can enter in middle school or elementary, Why? 

 It goes back to the beginning of FLYRA. In the beginning, we had schools compete that had 5th graders on   their middle school teams (mainly private and some charter) so we allowed for 5th graders. Now that   more public elementary and middle schools are participating, we are trying to accommodate that 5th   grader that is considered elementary in their school. 

  • What if a middle school runner is in Top 7 on the high school varsity team and can't participate in the middle school division of a Super Qualifier or Basic Qualifier.Can his participation in the Varsity High school race count

 No it does not. 1) It is our position that athletes must qualify via the qualifying meets, and 2) because our  State Meet conflicts with High School Regionals, this is an either/or proposition for some kids.

  • How many kids can a qualilfied school enter into the Championship Division?

    5 min. to score, 7 max.

  • How many kids can I put in the OPEN Division?

 The Open Division is unlimited.

  • How come the Championship and Open Division does not score club teams?

 FLYRA's philosophy is to promote, encourage and support youth running in the schools.  We realize in   some  areas of the state, the only available avenue for kids is thru their local club program. So we allow   for  club individuals to qualify as individuals in the Championship Division or run as in the Open Division.

  • Can I put my 5th grader in the elementary races AND the Open races since they are on 2 different days?

 No you will have to choose which race.

  • Can I run put an elementary runner, (I.E. 3rd or 4th grader) in the Open Division? 

 Yes, we have allowed 3rd and 4th graders to run in the Open division usually for 1 of these 2 reasons: To   help complete a team (typical of K-8th grade private schools or small charter schools) or the young runner   that  has the ability to complete the distance. Again the runner has to pick one race. Cannot compete in   both Elementary and Open. 

  • Can I have Homeschoolers on a traditional school team?

​ Yes, if they are zoned for that public school or the private school allows for them to compete for their   sports teams.