More stuff to know

 Tents are allowed. Bring stakes,  lots of wind  last year. May set up tents on Friday, 10/25

 Event Shirts will be available  for $20.00

Long Sleeves-$25.00

Hooded sweats-$

 Concessions will be available

 Coffee Truck on site

 1st Aid Tent by athlete water  tables.


 Oct 26, Fri.  12:00 pm till.  No parking  fee

 Oct 27, Sat. $10.00 per car. 

 No spectator fees

  Holloway Park Entrances

 Cars Entrance 
 3050 Lakeland Highlands Rd.
 Lakeland, FL 33803

 Bus/Car Entrance

 2402 Holloway Park Dr
 formerly (2402 Linden Ave)
 Lakeland, FL 33812